First Impressions: Le Bunny Bleu 🐰


First Impressions: Le Bunny Bleu

Le Bunny Bleu is a New York based brand which sells vintage inspired items, including shoes bags and diaries. According to their website, the brand aims to bring the modern New York fashion scene into the romantic European vintage era, creating a unique trend on how shoes are worn.

I don’t know about any of you, but personally I had never heard of this brand until very imagerecently. Although the brand is American, the Uk has a store in Westfield Stratford, London, which is where I visited. I first heard about this brand on Boxing Day, when I received a pair of their shoes as a christmas gift. When I saw the bag I immediately noticed how cute it was and I loved the adorable little rabbit and pretty blue colour. Because I had never heard of the brand, I wasn’t too sure what they sold at first as the bag just said ‘Romantic Vintage’, but later discovered they sell shoes as well as bags, diaries, scarves, jewellery and hair accessories.


The first pair of shoes I got was this pair of espadrilles as a present from my dad. The shape of these shoes is of a similar style to TOMS, and they have a sturdy white rubber sole, almost reminiscent of the soles on Converse and Vans. The fabric is a brown tweedy material with gold flecks, which add an extra bit of colour and sparkle! They also have a little pink bunny logo on the front side, which I think is really cute and makes them really unique. Although it is too cold in England to wear these right now, I definitely think they will look really cute in the summer with some cute shorts and a floaty tee! From trying them on, they also feel super comfy too!


One issue I discovered with the brand, however, is sizing.  When my dad went to purchase these shoes, he asked for a UK 6 (which is a US 8) but later discovered he was given a US 9, which is actually a UK 7. On the sizing chart on the website, as seen to the right, it shows that US shoe sizes are 2 sizes bigger than UK sizes. However, every person working in the store was insistent that US sizes are 3 sizes bigger than UK sizes, hence why my shoes were too big! I find that I tend to need a smaller size anyway with slip on shoes like these, so the bigger size was obviously way too big!

My dad was already taking my sister and I to London the next day, so we popped in to the store in Stratford to exchange the shoes for the right size. Although the store wasn’t very big, they had lots of items on display and the pastel colours made the shop seem relatively big and airy, which was nice. The first thing I noticed was that there was currently a 20% off sale, which was good in itself, but then I also noticed there was a 2 for £15 offer on the clearance items! I found some really pretty shoes that were 2 for £15 which I would have loved to buy, but they only had the display shoes left, which were all size 3 😦 Some of the deals were amazing though. I was looking at a pair online for $60, which is around £40, but they were in store for only £10!


Although I couldn’t get any shoes in the 2 for £15 offer, I managed to bag this pair for only £19.19! For some reason, despite my love for shoes, the only pairs I ever wear are my tan cuffed boots, my converse and my tatty (I prefer to call them well-loved) 3 year old Primark loafers, so I was desperately in need of a new pair! When I saw these on the shelf I knew I had to have them! They are a loafer style shoe, with a sturdy sole and small heel. They feature a brown herringbone pattern and a leather tassel, which I just love!  The material seems really strong so hopefully these should last a while! I can’t wait to wear them because they are just so cute!


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