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Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free MoisturiserʉϬ

imageI was recently on the hunt for a new moisturiser when I came across this beauty in boots for only £4.99 for a 50ml tube. Initially it was the packaging that caught my attention. The bright orange colour really popped on the shelf and caught my eye, so I had to have  a closer look. I was then even more excited when I realised it was by neutrogena. Although I’ve  heard many great things about this brand, I’ve only ever tried a couple of their products (both of which I loved!)  However, I decided it was time to try more…or maybe I was just looking for an excuse to add yet another product to my skincare routine!

Okay, so I have been using this moisturiser for just over a week now and thought it was time to do a ‘first impressions’ review of it. First up, I love the packaging! As I said before, I really like the fresh youthful colours, but I love the shape too! It is thin so it is easy to store and it looks sleek too! The nozzle is really nice too. It is quite long, and there is an inner tube in the cap to stop any excess building up, so it’s a lot more hygienic than your regular moisturiser tube. I also really like that it isn’t a flip cap…I mean lets be honest, how many times have you accidentally flipped the cap when it’s in your makeup bag, leaving a lovely splodge of cream all over the place? Not great. But with this cap, that would never happen! And it’s really easy to twist…you won’t be sitting there for hours trying to get into the thing!

Next up is the formulation. The cream itself is unscented, but it still has a creamy, fresh scent to it and doesn’t smell at all artificial. It’s not so thin it’s almost watery, but it’s not so thick it takes all day to sink in to your skin…it’s a happy medium! When you apply it, it instantly sinks into your skin and leaves it feeling smooth, hydrated, soft and nourished. It doesn’t leave it feeling sticky or greasy in the slightest, which is something I often find with moisturisers. It also doesn’t leave your skin feeling almost ‘watery’ as this is an issue I tend to have with the Simole replenishing moisturisers.

I love using this neutrogena moisturiser in the morning as it also makes a great base for makeup. It creates a really soft, smooth canvas for applying your makeup and means you don’t even need to use a primer! Not only does it leave my skin feeling prepped for makeup, it leaves it prepped for those no-makeup lazy days! I tend to suffer from frequent breakouts, redness and an oily nose-all those not-so-lovely but regular teenage skincare issues- but since using this moisturiser, even for just a week, my skin looks noticeably better! Last night after applying it, I really noticed how much my redness had been reduced…for the first time in quite a while my skin looked healthy and glowing…and for only £4.99!

I really can’t wait to see how my skin improves with this moisturiser. If it continues working like it has been for the past week, I think I will have to start calling it the miracle cream!

If you want to try it for yourself, click here… 🌸