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Today while in Asda I came across the cutest home accessories for winter and just had to share them! I got the duvet today and cannot wait to use it! I love it so much i think i may have … Continue reading

Winter is Coming! ❄❄


Okay, so I’ve been wanting a blanket wrap for the longest time but never actually got around to buying one…until today that is! I first saw the ‘blanket wrap’ on the Newlook website and thought they looked interesting. I love being wrapped up all warm and cosy in the winter, so I immediately decided I had to have one! But when it came to choosing which one, I was rather stuck. There’s so many to chose from…ones with hoods, fur collars, sleeves, toggles and so many patterns and colours that it’s near on impossible to settle for one! The colours were just right, and it was my favorite tartan pattern too. It even comes with a detachable fur collar which can double as a scarf. I was going to buy a blanket wrap and then a similar scarf separately, but with this one I didn’t need to-double whammy!

My hunt first started today when in Newlook. I really liked the tartan pattern, but felt they didn’t hang right. The ‘sleeves’ were too long and I looked like i was literally just wearing a picnic blanket. Not quite the look I was going for! I then went into Next and saw another tartan one. This one was a pale grey, which I wasn’t too sure about, and didn’t feel very thick or warm. (It was super soft though!) Finally, I tried Accessorize after seeing one in the window. I didn’t think they’d have a huge selection, but I was pleasantly surprised. As soon as I saw the one in the image above, I fell in love.

I absolutely love the blanket wrap I chose and I am so excited to wear it as the cold weather approaches. If you want to buy one too, click here for the whole range at Accessorize!

Review: Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Butter and Revlon Super Lustrous™ Lipstick💄 (Part 2)


Revlon Super Lustrous™ Lipstick

First up, I know I said I would post this yesterday…I scheduled the post for 8am but it decided not to post, didn’t it! You just can’t rely on technology these days! 😂

Well anyway, once again you’ve probably seen this product briefly mentioned in my ‘Beauty Splurge’ post. If you haven’t already seen it, check it out here! But in the mean time, lets get into the review…

First of all, the colour choice is huge! There are at least 35 colours to choose from and I could honestly buy them all! Unfortunately I can only wear natural colours for school, otherwise I definitely would’ve opted for one of the many coral colours available. But because that would be a bit OTT, I settled for Pink In The Afternoon- a beautiful pink colour with warm undertones.

I love the formula of this lipstick as it has moisturizing benefits of Vitamin E and Avocado oil which condition your lips and leave them feeling super soft. It glides on effortlessly and leaves your lips feeling really hydrated, almost like a balm. It also adds a little shine to your lips, like a gloss but with absolutely no tackiness.

I also really like the packaging. The outer case is sleek and a shiny black colour, with the signature gold band and logo stopping it from looking cheap. Another great thing about the packaging is the clear top, allowing you to see the colour of the lipstick clearly. This would be very handy if you are storing lots f colours together and want to pick one out easily, because let’s be honest, the coloured sticker on the bottom of the packaging is never the same colour as the lipstick!

The price is also really great too. This lipstick is only £7.50, which may be expensive to some because it is only drugstore makeup, but I find the quality of revlon to be one of the best when compared to other drugstore brands. And revlon often have some great offers too. I got both this lipstick, and the lip butter in Sundays post for £10…bargain!

Although I haven’t used up the whole lipstick yet, I certainly still love it! The moisturising properties will be great for autumn and winter when my lips start to get dry, and I definitely think I will have to purchase a few other colours for the upcoming season!

Review: Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Butter and Revlon Super Lustrous™ Lipstick💄 (Part 1)


Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Butter

I first mentioned this product briefly in my ‘Beauty Splurge’ post about a month ago. However, after using this product (absolutely non stop!) for the past month, I thought it was about time for a review!

Okay, so I’ve used this product to death (literally. There’s nothing left of it!)so decided a good ol’ review was needed before I repurchase this little gem!

First up, they come in a HUGE variety of colours. On the website there’s at least 20 colours to pick from, ranging from deep purples to reds to pretty pinks. Luckily my local Boots only had about 6 colours, or I would have been in there for hours. The colour I picked was called ‘Peach Parfait’. It’s a really pretty pinky colour, with a hint of silver shimmer , giving it a subtle glitter when it catches the light. I think this colour could work all year round, as its not too bright and summery, but its also not too dark and wintery. It’s a happy medium I’d say! It looks beautiful in the cute quilted packaging and even better on your lips.

Because it is a tinted lip butter, I wasn’t expecting the colour payoff to be great, like some other brands I’ve tried. But it’s amazing! It really does feel smooth and buttery on your lips when applying, much like a regular lip balm would. It glides on effortlessly and just melts into your lips, making them feel instantly smooth and soft.

And as for the colour, it looks just like a lipstick! The pigmentation is great and it is perfect for a more natural look as it still gives you lots of colour, but it blends in more with your lips due to the buttery element than what a lipstick such as MACs matte lipsticks would do. (Okay, I don’t think that made any sense 😂)

This has been my go-to lip product since I started back at school because it is such a pretty colour, feels lovely once applied and it doesn’t look too heavy or cakey on your lips, which tends to happen with some other brands I’ve tried. It really is one of my favourite lip products I’ve purchased, (which you can clearly tell seeing as I’ve used it all up in a month!) and I will definitely be repurchasing it soon. I might even pick up a few other colours too!

*Part 2 of this review will be up tomorrow*